Sermon Series Archives

Join us as we ring in the season, each Sunday in Advent 2017.  We will look at cinema classics for the messages of hope, peace, joy, and peace that can help us anticipate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas eve worship is Sunday, Dec. 24 at 4pm. This is a family worship and all are invited! (Children are welcome to come dressed as angels or shepherds to participate in a Christmas Nativity procession.)


Oct. 29, 2017-Nov. 18, 2017- our series will take us into the First Letter to Thessalonica.  We will dive into what makes our church movement irresistible.  Ours is a movement unlike any other social movement on earth.  But what is it that makes us vital, different and essential? Join us as we allow ourselves to wonder, believe, focus and inspire others towards a life-changing faith

10-8-17 through 10-22-17 our message series will take us into Genesis.  We will be looking at the story of Noah to work at understanding our place in the partnership, friendship & stewardship we are called to as disciples.  God has called us aboard the vessel of community, and our role is important.  Join us as we work through what it means to be a part of the divine redemption mission.


Sept. 10, 2017-Oct. 1, 2017-our message series will focus on the classic Old Testament stories of failure.  Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Sarah & Abraham, Jacob & Esau all made mistakes.  Yet their stories show us moments of God’s divine forgiveness and grace.  Join us as we seek to learn from their examples and embrace God’s plan for salvation and redemption in our own stories of faith.

Join us over the next 5 weeks (8/6/17-9/3/17) as we look how to hold on to joy in our lives.

Taking the words of Paul in his letter to the Philippians, we will spend time questioning the challenges in our lives; our suffering, temptation, humility, conflict, and anxiety. Each of us will experience these things in our lives.  How can we thrive despite these challenges? How do we persevere and find joy in our experiences? We turn to our faith to help us do this.