Join us for Worship



Lent begins Wed. Feb. 14- our message series for Lent will bring us in touch with the Wesleyans Means of Grace.  Fasting, prayer, communion, service, scripture and community will be examined each week to help us grow deeper in our faith.


Jan. 28-Feb. 11-Join us for a series on learning to love our neighbors. God’s command to love others is clear. But how do we enact this command in our own day to day lives? How do we treat our neighbors or the neighbors who do not live next door? This series will help us identify the neighbors we might not know and learn how to be vehicles of God’s love to all.


Join us over the next 4 weeks (12/31/17-1/21/18) as we look at how our relationships might slip.

How do we maintain love, grow together or find the perfect mate? Our intimate relationships are work, and the model of Jesus can help us understand how to make our love last and how to establish good habits that will allow our most intimate relationships to flourish.





Each Sunday at 10:30 am at Bernardsville UMC, 22 Church St. Bernardsville NJ 07924.